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Seminars and Presentations

Dr. Watkins' Presentations:

Dr. Watkins presentedt two topics for the Psychiatric Congress in New Orleans November 17, 2006, Medication Treatment for ADHD and Psychosocial Treatments for ADHD.

Dr Watkins presented the November 2006 meeting of Greater Baltimore CHADD Update on Medications for Adults and Children with AD/HD Location Loyola College Graduate Center November 1, 2006

Dr. Watkins presented two ADDA interactive teleconferences: Feb. 24 and March 2, 2004 at 9PM EST. Feb. 24: Becoming an active participant in your AD/HD diagnostic process. March 2: AD/HD and Addiction. For more information visit the ADDA (Adults with AD/HD) web site

Dr. Watkins presented a talk on Aspergers Disorder in Gifted Adults at Maryland MENSA Feb. 20, 2004.

Dr. Watkins gave a presentation on medications for AD/HD in children and adults at Greater Baltimore CHADD in Timonium Maryland in December 2003. 

Dr Watkins was appointed a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association in 2003.

Dr Watkins was quoted in the Chicago Tribune and the Boston Globe in the summer 2003 about her efforts to keep pharmaceutical sales representatives from sitting in on confidential psychiatric sessions. 

Dr. Watkins Presented at the 11th Annual Congress on Women's Health. in Hilton Heal South Carolina, May 2003. She and Dr. Patrician Quinn were co-presenters on Diagnosis and Treatment of Girls and Women with AD/HD.

Dr. Watkins was appointed to the national professional advisory board of ADDA in the spring 2003

Dr. Watkins presented at the national meeting of ADDA (Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder) in Virginia in May 2003. Topic: Becoming an Active Participant in the AD/HD Diagnostic Process.

Dr. Watkins presented at the national meeting of CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder in October 2002.  Topic: Practical management of stimulant medications in AD/HD. 

Dr. Watkins presented a talk on diagnosis or Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults at a meeting of GUILD, an organization for adults with learning differences, December 12, 2002. 

Dr. Watkins presented an interactive workshop on bullying at Norbell School April 23, 2002

Dr. Watkins spoke on Psychopharmacology for Children and Adolescents and on Stimulant Medications for Maryland Chapter of the NASW. 

Dr. Watkins was a presenter at the Mid-Atlantic Interdisciplinary Conference on AD/HD March 9, 2002, Loyola College Graduate Center, Timonium, MD. Her talk deal with side effects of medications used to treat AD/HD. 

Dr. Brynes was featured in an article for The Reporter, the Online Journal for the American Anxiety Disorders Association, September, 2001, New Thinking on Anxiety and Aging: Anxiety Disorders Common in the Elderly

Dr. Watkins was interviewed for an article on bullying in the Prince George's Sentinel Newspaper, September 2001.

Dr. Watkins given the Volunteer of the Year Award by National CHADD at their annual conference in Los Angeles, October 2001.

Ms. Preller was featured on the television show, "Teens Talk Back" discussing family issues related to drug and alcohol abuse. 

"Dr. Watkins will be the featured speaker at the First Annual CHADD Charity Golf Tournament, May 14, 2001 in Ijamsville, MD Call the CHADD National Office at (301) 306-7070x110  for more information.

Dr. Watkins was appointed to the editorial board of Maryland Medicine

Dr. Watkins was appointed to the editorial board of Diabetes Forecast, a journal of the American Diabetes Association.

Attention Deficit Disorder in Girls and Women: Dr. Watkins presented a talk at the BCMA Women's Issues Committee May 18, 2001 at 12:30PM. This meeting is open to Maryland physicians and members of the medical auxiliary societies. Call 410-296-1232 for more information.

Dr Watkins was elected to be a fellow of the American Psychiatric Association Fall 2000. 

Families Involved Together: Dr. Watkins presented a workshop on "Your ADHD Child" at the F.I.T. annual meeting November 4, 2000 1:00 to 2:30 PM in Baltimore. For more information call F.I.T. at 410-464-2606.

Dr. Watkins presented a talk on Medications for Adults and Children with AD/HD at Greater Baltimore CHADD on December 6 at 7 PM. The meeting will be at the Towson Unitarian Universalist Church, 1701 Dulaney Valley Road. Call 410-377-0249 for more information.

Prevention Magazine Dr. Watkins was quoted in the November 2000 article  "More than the blues: learn how to spot kids' depression"

Baltimore Magazine: October 2000 Dr. Watkins was interviewed about Medications for Preschoolers with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder.

Dr. Watkins presented a talk on social skills at the White Oak School in Baltimore County on October 12, 2000 at 7 PM. 

Dr. Watkins was featured on a live web conference at 9 PM Eastern Daylight Time September 27, 2000 on  Medications for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. 

Dr. Brynes was featured on a live web conference at 9 PM Eastern Daylight Time September 28, 2000 on Medications for Depression. 

Dr Watkins was quoted in the Baltimore Sun September 17, 2000 Personal Finance Column, "Be careful when lending to relatives."

Dr. Watkins presented an all-day workshop on "Depression and Anxiety in Children and Adolescents" in Orlando, Florida for the Florida Association of School Psychologists May 12, 2000.

Dr. Watkins presented a talk on Dealing with Bullies and How Not To Be One at Pinewood Elementary School. May 10, 2000.

Dr. Watkins appeared on  NewsNight Maryland  to discuss Shyness and Social Phobia. WMPT Channel 22 Tuesday, 7PM March 7, 2000.

Dr. Watkins presented a talk on Managing Your Challenging Child at Timonium Elementary School on January 13, 2000

On October 20, 1999, Dr. Watkins chaired a panel discussion on "New Developments and Research in AD/HD. She will present on Comorbidity in Adults with AD/HD and New medications for Adult AD/HD. The Conference will be held at GBMC in Towson, MD.

Dr.  Watkins presented grand rounds for the department of Pediatrics at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, MD. The Topic was Parent Coach, Advocate and Partner: Counseling Parents of AD/HD Children and Adolescents October 13, 1999. Union Memorial Hospital.

October 1, 1999 Dr. Watkins chaired a panel discussion on Medicine and Motherhood at the quarterly Women's Issues Committee of the Baltimore County Medical Society.


Recent Publications

"Pharmaceutical Companies and Our Education" by Carol E. Watkins, M.D. in Maryland Medicine Summer, 2001 

"Does Competition Build Kids' Self Esteem?" By Carol Watkins, M.D. in Attention Magazine August 2001

When It's Not AD/HD" By Carol Watkins, M.D. and Glenn Brynes, Ph.D., M.D. in Attention Magazine June 2001

"Generations: Pioneering Women Psychiatrists in Maryland" by Carol Watkins, M.D.  The Maryland Psychiatrist, Fall 1999. The first in a series of articles looking at the experiences of female psychiatrists at various phases in their careers.

"The Gifted AD/HD Child and Adolescent: Between Two Worlds" by Carol Watkins, M.D.  Hypertalk  Fall and Winter 1999-2000.

"Depression and Anxiety in the Person with Diabetes" by Carol Watkins, M.D. Practical Diabetology, December, 1998.

"Neurobiological Diagnosis and Personal Responsibility: How Does Morality Fit In With AD/HD?" Addvance Magazine, Summer, 1998. 

"Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and Comorbidity" by Glenn Brynes, M.D. Hypertalk Spring 2000.

Diabetes and Stress: Look for an interview with Dr. Watkins in Diabetes Forecast in April 2000.

Look for an interview with Dr. Watkins concerning weight loss in Fitness Magazine, Spring 2000.

"New Medications for Attention Deficit Disorder" in Hypertalk Fall/Winter 2000. by Dr. Watkins

Previous Seminars and Workshops

Diagnosis and Treatment of Women with AD/HD

Depression in Children and Adolescents

Attention Deficit Disorder in Children

Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults

ADHD in the Elementary School Aged Child: Practical Considerations for Home and School

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Bright Light Therapy

Using the Internet in a Psychiatric Practice

Helping your child succeed in school: Parent as coach, advocate and partner

Depression in the Elderly

Separation Anxiety

Dealing with Tantrums

Comorbidity in Adults with AD/HD and New medications for Adult AD/HD

Combining Medicine and Motherhood

Your Challenging Child

New Workshops and Groups

Web Articles by Dr. Watkins, and Dr. Brynes

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Separation Anxiety Disorder

Psychodrama, The Art of Healing

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Coping Styles in Adults with ADD

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Neurobiological Diagnosis and Personal Responsibility:
How Does Morality Fit in with ADD?

Practical Hints for Raising and Educating an ADHD Child

Parent as Coach, Advocate and Partner: Helping Your Child Succeed in School

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Northern County Psychiatric Associates
Offices in Monkton and Lutherville, Maryland

 Northern County Psychiatric Associates 

Our practice has experience in the treatment of Attention Deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD), Depression, Separation Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and other psychiatric conditions. We are located in Northern Baltimore County and serve the Baltimore County, Carroll County and Harford County areas in Maryland. Since we are near the Pennsylvania border, we also serve the York County area.   Our services include psychotherapy, psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and family therapy. We treat children, adults, and the elderly.

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Northern County Psychiatric Associates
Lutherville and Monkton
Baltimore County, Maryland
Phone: 410-329-2028
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