Books Dealing with Children’s Mental Health

Carol Watkins, M.D., a child psychiatrist and Nicole, a middle school student

(now a high school student–we’ve been at this for three years), both review

books on ADHD, depression, family problems, decision-making and many other topics.

Attention Deficit Disorder

Explaining a Parent’s

Mental Illness to a Child

Learning Disabilities

Explaining Psychiatric Medication

To Children



Explaining Psychotherapy to a

Child or Adolescent

For Siblings of Children with Psychiatric Disorders

Substance Abuse

Death and Bereavement

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Autism, PDD and Asperger’s

Alzheimer’s Disease

Interactive Decision-Making Books

Social Skills

Other Mental Health Books

Awards for This Site

The listing of these books does not imply an endorsement of all of the authors’

ideas. Parents should read and discuss books with their children. Some of the books deal

with specific types of situations and may not be applicable to any given child or adult.

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