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General Links to Information about Medication

  • Mental Health

    Net-Psychopharmacology Section

    This site lists most of the psychiatric medications and allows one to search

    by a number of factors including precautions, dosage, and indications. Not

    funded by pharmaceutical companies

  • Dr. Ivan’s

    Depression Central  

    Dr. Ivan Goldberg is a psychiatrist who has been active on the web in

    psychopharmacology related sites. This site has a large amount of

    information on psychiatric disorders and psychiatric medication. Dr. Ivan

    does not use commercial support for this site.

  • Quackwatch

    Quackwatch, Inc., a member of Consumer Federation of America, is a nonprofit

    corporation whose purpose is to combat health-related frauds, myths, fads,

    and fallacies. Its primary focus is on

    quackery-related information that is difficult or impossible to get


  • The Merck Manuals Online on Merck publishes medical manuals for

    for consumers and separate manuals aimed at health care professionals. These

    are well-organized and regularly updated. Merck also has veterinary manuals

    available online too.




  • Med Help: This site has

    been online since the mid-1990s. It is oriented towards consumers and

    includes forums for a variety of types of medical disorders.

    The forums are generally moderated.

Medical Libraries Online

  • Medical Libraries On


    This page links to a vast number of medical and other health-sciences

    libraries which have online URLs. A good aid to research. 


  • Ask Eric

    Educational Resources Information Center. This excellent site, sponsored by

    the US Dept. of Education, links to over 30 Eric-sponsored web and gopher

    sites dealing with education. It includes multiple ways to search the Eric

    database, all from your computer! 

  • Library of Congress 

  • MEDLINE Search

    The National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health

    sponsors this site. It allows advanced searches of MedLine and many other

    life science journals and resources. One can access articles as far back as

    the 1950s. There are abstracts and links to sources for full text articles. 

    In some cases there may be a charge for full text articles.

  • SERI “Special

    Education Resources on the Internet” 

    This site makes an effort to compile information useful to professionals

    dealing with a wide variety of special education needs. One particularly

    useful area is the “Disability Products and Commercial Sites”. Using these

    links, one can access a wide variety of links to products to help with

    learning disabilities and other special needs. Some areas of this site

    have links that are out of date.

  • The Virtual Hospital 

    The University of Iowa Hospital has been a source of medical

    information for many years. It has recently re-organized its database.  

  • NIH Consensus Statements

    Search the National Institutes of Health site for their consensus statements

    by subject. Some include on-line CME exam.

    “NIH Consensus Development Conferences are convened to evaluate

    available scientific information and resolve safety and efficacy issues

    related to biomedical technology. The resultant NIH Consensus Statements are

    intended to advance understanding of the technology or issue in question and

    to be useful to health professionals and the public.

    NIH Consensus Statements are prepared by a

    non-advocate, non-Federal panel of experts, based on (1) presentations by

    investigators working in areas relevant to the consensus questions during a

    2-day public session; (2) questions and statements from conference attendees

    during open discussion periods that are part of the public session; and (3)

    closed deliberations by the panel during the remainder of the second day and

    morning of the third. This statement is an independent report of the panel

    and is not a policy statement of the NIH or the Federal Government.”

  • NHelp Legal Research  

    Links to multiple legal search sites as well as links to selected government

    agencies. This site is run by the National Health Law Program, a national

    public interest law firm whose mission is to improve health care for

    America’s working and unemployed poor, minorities, the elderly and people

    with disabilities. 

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  • Don’t buy anything on the Internet unless your

    parents say it’s OK.

  • Don’t ever get together with someone you met

    online unless your parents say it’s OK. Some people online may not be who

    they say they are.

Internet sites change frequently and the sites

are written and monitored by many different people. Often it can be stimulating

to read about different points of view. We have included some sites which

present information from different perspectives. We cannot be responsible for

the opinions expressed on outside sites. Diagnosis and treatment should only be

done by a licensed professional. Some of these sites contain technical language

and descriptions which may not be understandable or appropriate for children.

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