Our Philosophy and Services

You Are Not Alone

  • A person, or a responsible family member of a kid, is in charge of making decisions about their own care.
  • Even when therapy is enforced, people always have a choice about their own care.
  • Everyone is resilient, capable, and has a natural proclivity towards progress.
  • It is critical to recognize a person’s abilities in order to overcome obstacles and focus on solutions.
  • A person’s difficulties arise within a social context, and treatment will address the social aspects that impact well-being.
  • Collaboration between the community and the state is critical in order to offer a favorable experience for persons seeking or receiving services.
  • We give services with compassion, empathy, and kindness.
  • Within the context of caring and reciprocal partnerships, we treat individuals with respect and decency.
  • Ongoing, healing, and trustworthy connections are transformative in assisting a person to handle trauma and other issues.
  • Our services are culturally sensitive and include viewpoints such as harm reduction, cultural, socioeconomic, and environmental aspects that influence a person’s experience.
  • Treatment is offered holistically to address the mind, body, and spirit.
  • The experience of stigma and the impact of oppression and discrimination exist; we actively seek methods to counter them and reduce the suffering that might follow.
  • Our services are based on evidence-based and promising techniques that promote hope, healing, and wellbeing while taking into account biological, psychological, and social variables.