Baltimore CHADD Membership Form

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Why Join CHADD?

There is strength in numbers. We

hope to continue increasing our strength throughout 2001 and 2002. Please

join us in our our efforts. Our

members receive the most up-to-date, reliable information available about

AD/HD. Any new research breakthrough reaches our members through Inside

CHADD or ATTENTION! If an important issue faces the U.S. Congress, our

members are alerted.

Member Benefits

  • Attention!, a national

    quarterly magazine on AD/HD

  • Inside CHADD, the quarterly

    national newsletter

  • The complete CHADD Fact Sheet

    Series on AD/HD and related issues, such as parenting, ADD in adults,

    education rights, classroom interventions and more.

  • Reduced registration rates for

    the annual national CHADD conference

  • Greater Baltimore Chapter


    Hyper~talk, the semi-annual Baltimore County Chapter magazine

    Local monthly Parent Support Lectures and Meetings

    Local monthly Adult Support Lectures and Meetings

    A packet of references and resources available nationally and in

    Baltimore County

    Library privileges

    Reduced registration rates for special workshops.

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