How to Organize Your Mail and Pay Your Bills



This is a simple system to help organize

one’s regular mail and bill payment. Often people become mired up in the basic

problem of a cluttered or non-existant In Box.


A Mail Bin:

When the mail comes in most people get a mixture

of bills, junk mail, letters and miscellaneous items. A system for dealing with

mail cannot depend on your having time to sort the mail when it arrives. One way

to deal with it is to have a bin or box where all the mail can be dumped when it

is brought inside; in this way it will not get lost.


Trash and Recycle:

Once or twice a week, go through the mail and sort

it: Trash and recyclables can be tossed in their bins. Catalogs that are saved

can either go in their own bin or into the personal bins (below).


Personal Mail:

Each family member should have their own bin, for

which they are responsible. Make sure that the other members of the household

know that they must review their mail regularly, so their containers don’t

overflow. Also that they must not use them for long term storage.